Rental Door Code Instructions

Having Trouble Entering Your Rental?

Watch the video below or scroll further down the page to view tips. You may also call us at 989-747-8822.

Door Code Tips

  • Commit your code to memory: entering the code while reading it may cause the lock to timeout.
  • Ensure the door is fully latched before entering your code: pull toward yourself and release.
  • Each number is a single press: don't double press for a button for the second depicted number.
  • Listen for the 'beep': each button press emits an audible 'beep' (the backlight also flashes briefly). If you do not hear a 'beep,' your button press was not registered.
  • Don't forget to press the padlock button: after entering your door code, you must press the center padlock button to unlock the door.
  • Wait 3 seconds after unlocking before opening the door: this gives the deadbolt time to disengage. Attempting to enter too soon may stop the deadbolt from retracting fully.

Still Having Trouble?

Call us on speaker at 989-747-8822. Placing the call on speaker will allow us to better troubleshoot when we can't be there in person.